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Everybody is Welcomed at Mount Moriah.


For over 130 years, Mount Moriah has served as a Progressive Witness of Jesus Christ in the Pembroke and North Bryan County. At Mount Moriah, you find yourself in a warm and welcoming environment that will allow you to experience real folks abiding in community loving each other and God.  We have convenient parking located near the front entrance for our first-time guests. Our Mount Moriah  Ambassadors and Ushers will be glad to help you find a Christian Education class or simply find a seat for the worship service.

Beyond hospitality, Mount Moriah is committed to being Christian stewards of love. As such, we practice love, build the beloved community and pursue social justice.  We believe the overwhelming message of the Bible, in story after story, is that of God's radical love and welcome. Every time we think we know who's in and who's out, God does something to challenge those assumptions, to unbind our hearts and minds from old ways of understanding, and to draw the circle ever wider.

Our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.  Together, we are striving to become a place where there's relevant teaching, heart-felt worship, honest friendships, constant prayer, and compassionate care.  So whether you are a spiritual seeker who is just starting to ask questions about God or a committed Christian who wants to sink the roots of your faith even deeper, you can find a home here at Mount Moriah!

Authentic Relationships
Relevant Teaching
Impact Driven

Established in 1890, the Mount Moriah Baptist Church has stood as a physical representation of the hope and determination of the African American spirit. Through the years as a school, community center, and civil rights organizing meeting hall, Mount Moriah has always served people through its Watch, Witness, and Worship.  

At Mount Moriah, all our resources are utilized to provide a Christ-centered setting where people in this community can be redeemed to a personal relationship with Christ, reconciled to God and his people, restored to wholeness, to well being, and revived for a full life involved in service to others. 

At Mount Moriah, you can be redeemed, reconciled, restored, and revived.  Lets go!

Stop wasting money on junk that does not satisfy.   Listen to me, listen well: Eat only the best.  - Isaiah 55:2

Enjoy Connection

THROUGH WORSHIP | Sunday services are at 11:30 am on the First, Second, and Fourth Sundays in our historic Sanctuary.  


THROUGH STUDY | Sunday School for all ages is Sunday mornings at 10:30 am. During this period of COVID-19 Sunday School is suspended. Additionally, there is a Morning Devotion every Wednesday at 6:30 am.  Just dial 712.775.7200 and use Passcode 1065315# to participate.  

THROUGH SERVICE | One of the most important values of Mount Moriah is our mission to the Pembroke community.  Mount Moriah's members are involved in a variety of church-based ministries and community partnerships.  Feel free to contact our church clerk with further questions.

This Month at Mount Moriah
Building on a Legacy
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Ministry Spotlight
More Resources

POETRY CORNER |  We bet when you think of black poets, you probably think of just Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. Those two made it on our list, of course, but we also have 23 others that you should get to know (if you don’t already).

These black poets were not all famous. They were not all celebrated. Mount Moriah proudly acknowledges their contributions. Resource: Sign up for A Poem A Day.

MINISTER OF MUSIC | Tasheina Canty-White serves as Artist in Residence and Minister of Music providing and directing all aspects of sacred music. Magnolia is thankful for the gifts she brings. Learn more about Minister Canty-White.

To learn more about music, praise and worship, choir or dance at Sweet Magnolia please Contact Us Now!  There is a place for you and your gifts in the service of the Lord.

PRAYER WORKS | Spend time each day reading and reflecting on God.  Mount Moriah uses Our Daily Bread, a daily online and printed devotional.


Join our weekly Early Morning Devotional at 6:30 am by dialing 712.775.7200 and code 1065315#. 

Stay connected with Mount Moriah on Facebook!

For the Culture

BLACK LIVES MATTER | The deaths of Amhaud Arbery, Breona Taylor, and George Floyd has captured the world's attention to the plight of Black people and the criminal justice system.​ Although this fight has long been a part of the ethos of Sweet Magnolia; together we are seeking to faithfully respond to the challenges of the day.


Above.  Pastor Francys Johnson leads a demonstration after a long march through Brunswick at the beginning of the crusade for justice for Ahmaud Arbery with the family and others.​  Learn More about M4BL.

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Our Health and Wellness

AWARENESS | Mount Moriah is committed to empowering the community to achieve and maintain health and wellness.


As the faith community, we have a special responsibility to care for our fellow congregants and communities. When we are prepared, we are in a better position to help others. We have a special responsibility to get the facts and restate them accurately, and to check in frequently with our fellow congregants.  Learn more about his month's focus: Food Insecurity COVID Information 

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Dig Deeper Commentary

MONEY MATTERS | Mount Moriah is committed to empowering the community to achieve and maintain financial security.  Learn More.

Here are some resources that may help:

SNAP benefits 

Unemployment services

CDC COVID-19 resources

THE BLACK CHURCH | In this intimate four-hour series from executive producer, host, and writer Henry Louis Gates, Jr., we trace how this came to be in the 400-year-old story of the Black church in America, all the way down to its bedrock role as the site of African American survival and endurance, grace and resilience, thriving and testifying, freedom and independence, solidarity and speaking truth to power.


It reveals how Black people have worshipped, and through their spiritual journeys, improvised ways to bring their faith traditions from Africa to the New World, while translating them into a form of Christianity that was not only truly their own but a redemptive force for a nation whose original sin was found in their ancestors’ enslavement across the Middle Passage. 

Learn More.

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Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church is well served by the Reverend Dr. Francys Johnson.  The pulpit of Mount Moriah has long provided community-wide leadership. 


Over the last 20 years, Dr. Johnson has also exemplified the values of Christian service with humility before the congregation of Pembroke.  He is also the Senior Pastor of the Magnolia Baptist Church of Statesboro.  First Lady Meca Williams-Johnson’s particular success in youth programming and academic mentoring are assets to ministries of Mount Moriah. Further, they are ambassadors of our faith community to the region and nation.