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"To sing about freedom and to pray for its coming is not enough. Freedom must be actualized in history by oppressed peoples who accept the intellectual challenge to analyze the world for the purpose of changing it."  James Hal Cone

Welcome to the Pastor's Book Corner, a sacred space where the wisdom of literature meets the guidance of faith. I am deeply committed to nurturing our congregation's spiritual and intellectual growth. Drawing upon the rich heritage of African American spirituality and scholarship, the Pastor's Book Corner features a carefully curated selection of books that speak to the heart and soul of our community. From spiritual classics to contemporary works, each book is chosen to inspire, enlighten, and empower us on our faith journey.

We engage with various topics, including theology, science, social justice, personal development, and more. Through our discussions and reflections, we seek to deepen our understanding of God's word, strengthen our connection to our heritage, and equip ourselves to live out our faith in a complex and ever-changing world.

But the Pastor's Book Corner is more than just a collection of books; it is a dynamic forum for dialogue, fellowship, and growth. Here, we come together as a community to share our insights, ask questions, and support one another on our spiritual journeys. Whether you're a seasoned reader or just beginning to explore the world of literature, I invite you to join us in the Pastor's Book Corner. Let us open our hearts and minds to the transformative power of words as we seek to grow in faith, love, and understanding. Welcome, and may this virtual sanctuary be a source of inspiration and blessing to us all.

Women's History Month

Champions of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Authors


Wil Gafney

Hebrew bible and Womanist Scholarship


Tamura Lomax

Race, Gender, and Sexuality


Christena Cleveland

Sociol Psychology


Yolanda Pierce

African American Religions

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Funny, You Should Ask

What Makes A Good Study Bible?

March 1, 2024

I am often asked what makes a good study bible. Preferences are subjective, but I put a high value on the following :

  1. Clarity and Accessibility: A good study Bible should make the text accessible to many readers. It should provide clear explanations, context, and definitions for terms or concepts that might be unfamiliar.

  2. Cultural and Historical Context: Understanding biblical passages' cultural and historical context is crucial. A study Bible should provide background information about the text's time, place, and people involved.

  3. Diverse Perspectives: I emphasize the importance of diverse voices in biblical interpretation. A good study Bible should include commentary from various scholars representing different backgrounds, genders, and perspectives.

  4. Ethical and Social Justice Lens: I often approach the Bible through an ethical and social justice lens. A study of the Bible should address issues of justice, equality, and compassion, helping readers apply biblical teachings to contemporary situations.

  5. Engaging Questions: A study Bible should encourage readers to ask questions and engage critically with the text. It should prompt reflection and discussion rather than providing dogmatic answers.

  6. Inclusive Language: I advocate for gender-inclusive language in biblical translations. A good study Bible should use language that reflects the diversity of humanity and avoids reinforcing harmful stereotypes.

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