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On the second Sunday in March 1890, the Reverend Sampson Eason called together a group for the purpose of having religious services in the Baptist tradition.  The persons who established the foundation of Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church were Deacons J.D. McMoore, Claudius Ealy, Will Pee; Brothers Emanuel Smart, Frank Byrd; sisters Sallie McMoore, Annie Able, Mary Able Treadway.  They appointed the Second Sunday as Worship Sunday.  Unfortunately, Reverend Sampson soon became sick and notified Reverend N.A. Hart to fill his appointment on the second Sunday in April. 


Before the second Sunday in May 1890, Mount Moriah’s organizer, the Reverend Sampson, passed away.  The Reverend Hart continued the organizing work with us until the fourth Sunday in June 1891.  Mount Moriah then called the Reverend W.H. Styles, and Brothers J.B. Barry and Lane Walker gathered to organize us into a church.  Having no house in which to meet, we obtained permission from the St. John A.M.E. Church of Pembroke, Georgia to organize in their house.


The first members of the newly organized church consisted of Brothers J.D. McMoore, Emanuel Smart, Will Pee, Sisters Annie Able, Sallie McMoore, Mary Neill, and Mary Able Treadway, these having obtained peaceful letters from Saint Phillips Baptist Church of Ellabell, Georgia.  The new church was named Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church and the Reverend N.A. Hart was called as the first Pastor.  The first candidates for baptism were Brother Daniel Able and Sister Maggie Able.


Since the founding of this body, God has graciously provided 9 Shepherds of this flock: 

  1. Reverend N.A. Hart (1890-1891) with Reverend W.H. Styles (Not a called Pastor but interim minister serving 1891-1892);

  2. Reverend W.C. Whitfield (1892-1922);

  3. Reverend S.M. Walker (1922);

  4. Reverend J.A. Lockett (1922-1938);

  5. Reverend C.W. Anthony (1938);

  6. Reverend A.E. Hagins (1939-1989);

  7. Bishop K.E. McNeal (1990-1997);

  8. Reverend R.S. Tremble (1997-2003);

  9. Reverend Dr. Francys Johnson (1999-Present)


Mount Moriah has fully ordained four members: Reverends Will Smokes, Lossie Reese, Missionary Veronica Mangum and the Reverend Jerry Adatsi (presently serving in Manchester, Georgia).  Mount Moriah has licensed several ministers over the years including the current Daughter of the House, Minister Valerie Frasier.

Further, Mount Moriah has ordained thirty-seven  Deacons: Brothers J.D. McMoore, Will Pee, Edmond Bass, N.N. Beatty, Henry Brown, Joe Crawford,  Mack Cochran,  Charlie Jackson, Richard McKee, Arthur Simmons, Will Simmons, John Stephens, Harley Surrency, Raleigh Surrency, Allen Wallace, George Bush, Bobbie Stewart, Obie Brown, Elzie Bryant, James Garrison, Henry Sparrow, Earl Garrison, Lovette Roberson, Robert McCloud, Avery Roberson, Gene Miller,  Leo Garrison (accepted by a letter from Mount Zion Baptist Church of Savannah, Georgia), Eli Rogers (accepted by a letter from Cypress Bay Baptist Church of Lanier, Georgia), Johnnie A. Miller Sr., Robert McGhee, James Miller,  David Boyce, Sam Bradley, Stevie Stringer, Dave Williams, Earl Edenfield, and Sister Carolyn Frasier. 


Our Laymen have been led by the following men:  Brothers J.D. McMoore, Charlie Jackson, Mack Cochran, Will Simmons, Richard Mckee, Henry Brown, Leo Garrison, Gene Miller, Robert McCloud, and Johnnie A. Miller Sr., and David Williams (presently serving).


Our Women have been organized under the leadership of the following women:  Sisters Lucille Brown, Bessie Surrency, Mary Bush, Clara Garrison, Elbertha Smokes, Lettie Stewart, Maggie Miller, Letha M. Lawson, Eula M. Bowers; and Angie Miller.


Ten seasoned Sisters have been designated Church Mothers:  Sisters Mary Able Treadway, Annie McKee, Mae Bell Bass, Mamie Simmons, Mandy Rogers, Eula M. Bowers, Letha M. Lawson, Mary A. Lawrence, Linda Sparrow (presently serving), Elnora Corbett (presently serving), Ethel M. Collins (presently serving).


Ten members have served as Treasurer: Sister Mary Able Treadway, Deacons Henry Brown, George Bush, Sisters Lettie Stewart, Inez Stewart, Minnie P. Geiger, Deacons James Garrison, Robert McGhee, Dave Williams, and Carolyn Frasier (presently serving).


Nine members served as Church Clerk maintaining the official records of the Church: Sisters Minnie H. McMoore, Annie McKee, Bessie Surrency, Elberta Smokes, Mary R. Rogers, Linda Sparrow (Clerk Emerita), Pamela Geiger Baker, Manda Nixon, and Sabrina Simmons (presently serving).


Our Youth have always served at Mount Moriah and the following members have carried the program over as Youth Directors:  Sisters Mary Paul, Annie M. Gillard, Miriam Bush, Lula Garrison, Elnora Corbett, Mary A. Lawrence, Mary Ruth Rogers, Lillie Hicks, Debbie Jackson, and Meca Williams-Johnson (presently serving).


Christian Education known as Sunday School has been led by nine leaders as Superintendent:  Sisters Mary Able Treadway, Annie McKee, Clara Garrison, Deacon Bobbie Stewart, Sisters Dorothy George, Elberta Smokes, Lettie Stewart, Brother Malcolm Hudson, Sister Angie Miller, Debbie Jackson, and Deacon David Williams (presently serving).


In December 1999, God sent the Reverend Dr. Francys Johnson as our Youth Pastor.  The Church overwhelming called the Reverend Francys Johnson to Senior Leadership in November 2003.  A high standard was lifted in that declared “We Shall S.O.A.R.: Seek the will of God, Overcome every obstacle, Achieve purposeful living, and Reach the Promised Land.”  The Lord’s abiding presence is evidence that truly without a shadow of a doubt Mount Moriah’s best days are yet ahead. Mount Moriah is known as the “Church with the Helping Hands” and the “Place where God Provides.”  Mount Moriah has reorganized its finances, calendar, auxiliaries, and departments to effectively serve this present age. All of the efforts of every member, auxiliary, department, board or ministry is aimed at utilizing all resources to provide a Christ-Centered setting where people in this community can be redeemed to personal relationships with Christ, reconciled to God and His People, restored to wholeness, to well-being, and revived for full service to others.  In this Church, you can be Redeemed, Reconciled Restored, and Revived.

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