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Lifelong Learning

"When someone is taught the joy of learning, it becomes a life-long process that never stops. That is the challenge and joy of teaching."

- Melva Colins


This summer, let's unite to celebrate and respect our Black culture and Christian faith despite the ongoing challenges to our liberties. We are presently confronted with issues like attacks on critical race theory, diversity initiatives, and the truthful teaching of America's racial past. As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming academic year, let's face these challenges with an unyielding commitment to lifelong learning.

Shockingly, 33% of high school graduates never read another book in their lifetime, and 42% of college graduates never pick up a book after college. In the past five years, 70% of US adults have not visited a bookstore, and 80% of US families did not purchase or read a book in the previous year.

In light of the historical attempts to prohibit our ancestors from learning how to read and write, a revolutionary act this week could be visiting a bookstore or local library and selecting a great book to read.

Our Guest Pastor  | 

Describing myself as "goal-driven," "student-focused," and "highly motivated" only scratches the surface of my passion for learning. My top priority is to provide educational opportunities that meet people's needs and inspire lifelong learning in all my endeavors.


August is a month of rest for Pastor and First Lady Johnson. The pulpit was filled by the Rev. Dr. Ashley Morris, an accomplished educational leader, gifted preacher, author, and life coach. She founded The Center Ministries and UnleaSHEd Leadership Coaching. Dr. Morris has held senior leadership roles in the Technical College System of Georgia and is a close friend and mentee of Pastor and First Lady Johnson. She has a Bachelor's degree in English from Mercer University and a Master's degree and Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Georgia Southern University. Her highest calling is “mom” to Isabella and Ashton.

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Scholar in Focus | Rev. Dr. Melva L. Sampson is a Wake Forest University School of Divinity Assistant Professor. She specializes in preaching, gender, digital media, performance, and sacred memory. Sampson is also the creator of Pink Robe Chronicles, a digital platform promoting faith and spirituality through womanist principles. She has a Ph.D. in Religion from Emory University and a Master of Divinity from Candler School of Theology. Sampson has published scholarship, sermons, and reflections that are highly regarded in the religious studies field.

Dr. Melva streams Pink Robe Chronicles every Sunday at 8:00 am (EST.) on Facebook Live.

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Sunday Bulletin | The Bulletins in August were themed #BlackJOYRising, our mantra from this Season marked by legal, financial, and cultural threats to our hard-won freedoms.  


Joy and Freedom are especially relevant in this Season of Pentecost.  On Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit on the gathered disciples after the resurrection of Jesus marked the beginning of the Christian church. Read Bulletins

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