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Welcome from Pastor Johnon

Mount Moriah proudly welcomes home Pastor Jacob Mangum and The Mangum Brothers. The grandsons of the late Missionary Veronica Mangum, The Mangum Brothers' roots run deep.


Pastor Mangum is the founder and senior pastor of True Worshippers Christian Center (TWCC) in Detroit, Michigan. He was called to serve in the ministry over 20 years ago and began his journey at the Temple of Faith C.O.G.I.C. in Detroit, Michigan. In 1997, under the leadership of his late father, Elder Vernon Mangum. Pastor Jacob was ordained and served as a youth minister while playing several instruments and singing in the choir.

Pastor Jacob and The Mangum Brothers are known for their dynamic singing and engaging preaching style. They deliver relevant, inspiring, and challenging messages through song and the preached word. They envision reaching the lost, teaching the saved, and empowering the next generation.

SPECIAL THANKS | Thank you for every hand and heart that supported the 2023 Homecoming Celebration. This years' service was dedicated to the memory of Missionary Veronica Simmons Mangum. She faithfully served Mount Moriah Baptist Church in ministry until her death in 2005.

Please post any photos or videos to #mountmoriah1890



The Homecoming Program Cover features a limited-edition giclee on paper by Robert Jackson that depicts a Gospel Choir. The powerful lead singer, inspired by the Holy Spirit makes a joyful noise as the choir sings behind her. They are truly "Jubilant", expressing great happiness because the Lord is with them. The Black Church is one of the resistance institutions founded for Black dignity, also featured in the Making Black America Documentary. Learn more.

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